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Waking up

Waking up

Warm glow of way too big pajamas

The empty place beside me

Your spot

Oh no, I'm awake

Oh yes, it's not a dream

It's my daymare

Getting up and surviving the day

Looking again

For my role

I'll manage for another day

Brown puppy eyes lure me into the woods

He's 7 years old now

And my best friend for years to come

We're a duo now

A friendly passerby who says hello

A neighbor who asks how Cooper is doing

'Cause he must really miss his owner

This will do it for today

That'll do for a while

Till evening comes and I have to go to sleep

I think back to how good it was

And try very hard

To make your love tangible again

Cause I miss you so much

But I can't

The place next to me remains empty

Then I fall asleep in your soft flannel

I can dream again of the most beautiful project of the two of us

Only it wasn't a dream,

It was real

Only to wake up tomorrow

In the far too big bed

And let the daymare have her way

Linda Van der Meeren

Bartje Vereecken


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