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Consolation Productions

Next to the Consolation Concerts, Reveil organizes their own Consolation Productions. These are artistic and copyrighted productions that bring people together to commemorate the people we lost.

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Thousands of candles on the water in your city

Reveil organizes participative, artistic rituals for cities and organizations. The Great Crossing ™ is a consolation production to commemorate all inhabitants of a city, company or organization by letting thousands of candles float on a river or pond in your city. A final lap of honor for the inhabitants who passed away. 

+32 497 10 54 12


What would you write if you could send one more message? 

Message to the Other Side ™ lets inhabitants send a last text message to a beloved one. These messages are then projected on the city hall or company wall. It's a signal that no one is forgotten. And no one should grieve alone. 

+32 497 10 54 12

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At a Soul Repair Café™, visitors can reminisce about a deceased loved one over a cup of coffee under the guidance of some Soul Repair artists. These convert the memories into a poem, an illustration, a song, a short… Visitors receive the result free of charge. This can take place in all public places where people gather (a café, refectory, meeting center, library, etc.).

+32 497 10 54 12

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