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My example

My example

My pepe was everything to me. He was and is my role model. Life smiled on him. Despite setbacks, he always remained calm and positive. He was peace himself.

He enjoyed the little things in life and us, his family, his 3 ladies.

In addition, cycling was his life as a hobby. The simple life where moments of togetherness count, with a beer at the pub after the ride.

Every evening your glass of red wine and a mini bag of salt chips. Just one glass because you were convinced it kept you healthy. The doctor had once told you that.

As a little girl I was also allowed a bag of chips, how I miss our Saturday nights.

Pepe, thank you for all the values and standards you taught me. Thank you for teaching me what life and love is.

Big kiss

Your granddaughter


Yasmine De Scheemaeker

Hubert Wildro


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