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Doctor Bart

Doctor Bart

When goodbyes come too soon

Your time together was so much too short

The long conversations fine and enriching

Laughing and drinking together is forever in your memory

Never to forget what a fine human being you were

When time comes to a sudden stop

You no longer know where to go

You ask yourself if it all still makes sense

But you can hold on to the beautiful words

You spoke and the sincere attention you gave

When the emptiness you leave behind is so great

The questions of so many remain unanswered

the worries about 'what now' keep wandering between

the fear that no one can help them anymore

As only you could with the future you gave them

When memory is all that remains

The shared stories are your anchor for tomorrow

When we know we'll never forget

What a wonderful man you were

In the simplicity and richness you gave us

Luc Vos

Bart Van de Ven


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