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Wanted to eliminate evil from the world

Wanted to eliminate evil from the world

My wife started having dementia early. She was very Catholic, she took care of the flowers in church. She was very afraid of evil and started getting up at night to pray to get rid of evil. One day the police came to tell me that my wife was calling regularly because she was afraid that criminals were going to kidnap our son. She was also once hospitalized for eight days for observation. But in between she apparently still had very lucid moments, because she was ready enough to see that someone had not closed the door properly. She had hitchhiked in her peignoir and was suddenly at the door. That was quite a scare.

We got to know each other as neighbors. My then wife and the neighbor were best friends; they used to light each other's hair together. My wife got the flu and died unexpectedly after four days. However, she had a brother who was a family doctor and another was a specialist. I was in my early forties and was alone. At that time the neighbor suffered a heart vein rupture while playing mini-football. Thus, my neighbor also found herself alone. I had no children, but the neighbor had a seven-year-old daughter. She later told me that when she cried at night, her daughter suggested she "ask André if he didn't want to be a daddy. We then remarried together and had 2 more sons together.

André Norman

Monique Adens


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