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Today, memories of you slipped out of a glass bottle of Eau de cologne.
It was like magic. As if I could smell, feel and taste your presence:
You were sitting in your rolling car next to the makeup table that was full of jewelry, perfume bottles, body lotion and makeup.
I sat right in front of you, on the edge of the bed and gladly followed your orders: a little tan and blush on your face, spraying an excess of your favorite perfume and, above all, not forgetting the Eau de Cologne on your neck.
Your warm skin was always soft and sea-sun tanned.
You enjoyed in silence with eyes closed the intimate moments between you and me, they were filled with bergamot scents and your gratitude.
Since you could no longer do it yourself, due to losing your limbs, I lovingly did it for you.
I hid my sorrow for your suffering behind my smile.
Thus you remained vaguely present for some time, your scent lingered in my hands and in the room, mixing with tender melancholy.

I now keep the magic bottle in my nightstand.
Irina, your daughter

Irina Van Gyseghem

Sonia Buyl


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