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Belgian prospector gets new grave after 114 years

Belgian prospector gets new grave after 114 years

About thirty years ago an American lady told me that she had a uncle who was a prospector in the early 20th century. Until recently, despite much searching, I could not find it. Finally, with the help of an American lady, I was able to locate the grave and create a two-volume book about his life and this of his largely American family. He himself had no descendants but left a nice sum of money to his mother and about 12 of his siblings. People there now know more about him and at guide visits to the cemetery he is about the person they know most about. This to show that even after a hundred years in America people still pay attention to the deceased. Julius was from Wingene and people did not know that either until the book came out. A photo is available if desired

Paul Callens

Jules Blondeel


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